Management & Staff

World Headquarters Management & Staff;

Gabriel Mofaz, P.E. Mechanical Engineering, B.Sc. Computer Science, MBA

Hezi Mofaz, P.E., Industrial Engineering, B.Sc. , M.Sc. , Computer Science
VP, Research & Development

Yossi Mofaz, P.E. in Electrical engineering and Bsc in Computer Science
CFO, Chief Implementation Strategist

Zviel Mofaz, Systems Engineer
VP, Operations & Customer Service

S. Allan Dubow, CPA/PFS, CFP
Financial Analyst, Accounting Consultant, Company Pilot

Kirk Baugher
Executive VP, Business Development

Harry Ayvazian
Sales Manager

Tom Enright
Sales Manager

Bruna Pereira
Sales Manager

Doron Hasidim, P.E, Industrial Engineering, MA, Public Administration
Regional Sales Manager, Aerospace & Defense

Technical Support / Customer Service

Salomon Levy, P. Eng., M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
Quality Control Manager

Dorota Kasper, MA
Senior Systems Specialist

Maria Diaz
Systems Specialist

Inam Rehman
Systems Specialist

Alex Yusopov
Systems Specialist

Michael Yusopov
Systems Specialist

Cosmo Canale
Systems Specialist

Kirill Nikiforov
Systems Specialist

Jakub Jozwiak
Systems Specialist

Stephen Estrada
Systems Specialist

Michelle Rivera
Customer service

Cynthia Levitz
Office Manager

Chris Climer
Implementation and Procedures Specialist

Benjamin 'Shawn' Hickey
Implementation Specialist

Roy Waxman, B.Sc. Computer Science
Chief Software Architect

Shula Gold, B.Sc., Computer Science
Senior Team Leader

Jackie Saportas, B.Sc., Computer Science
Quality Assurance Senior Team Leader

Alla Kaufman, Practical industrial engineer, ERP instructor and trainer
QA Engineer