Aircraft Maintenance

Maintenance-X and XL

  • Track and execute scheduled, on-condition and corrective maintenance
  • SQWKS/Cards Management (time & materials) (See below)
  • Fully integrated with aircraft maintenance tracking
  • Interfaced to Microsoft® Project
  • Record point-of-maintenance events
  • Integrated parts requisitions and parts booking
  • Labor overtime and shifts management
  • Assign labor and parts against specific Task/Card
  • Integrated with invoicing for progress billing
  • Wireless & RF data entry from maintenance line
  • Bar-Coded time collections
  • Produce unlimited, routine, non-routine job cards per aircraft
  • Integrated internal / external repair and overhaul modules
  • Equipment & Tools assignments
  • Complete on-line maintenance history
  • Run multiple aircraft maintenance activities simultaneously


  • For scheduled inspections and maintenance (cards), ability to carry out A – D Checks.  Has the ability
  • to carry out SQWKS maintenance as well.


  • Only for Line Maintenance (SQWKS); X is a subset of the Maintenance-XL system.