Core System Functionality

Capacity for unlimited parts / 30 character part numbers
Built-in lifetime part revision control and full lifetime traceability
Part Control by Serial Number/Lot/SN & Lot/Condition/Category/Type/Mfc./X-Ref/Location/“Ownership”
Powerful PN search by multiple, user controlled options and filters
On-Screen, lifetime history of all Part / Lot Transactions
Unlimited, rules-based PN alternates / XRefs with interchangeability coding
Unlimited Physical and Virtual Warehouses, plus unlimited bins & locations
Lifetime actual cost tracking by Part / Lot
Instant location of inventory; Speedy Lot / Bin / Warehouse transfers
Conduct all Quote / RFQ / Sales / Purchase transactions in single screen 
Manage transactions by Barcode – Print / Scan Bar-coded labels
Track Min - Max pricing / Build price tables by Part / Customer / Vendor
Multiple user defined description fields and unlimited notes by part
Fully integrated Bills Of Material with unlimited levels
Specific Identification costing plus average & standard cost / LIFO / FIFO
Warranty / shelf life tracking
Import PN data from manufacturer’s parts catalogues / on-line sources
Fully integrated documentation Imaging / Video / Audio
Documentation configuration management / engineering library control
E-Commerce and Web enabled
Integrated ERP / MRP reporting / graphical trend analysis

Customer Quotation – Sales-Marketing
Complete “brokered” and “from stock” sales management; quotes through shipping and RMAs
Comprehensive customer profile
Electronic import / EDI of customer quote & order
Full transaction cycle audit history, including change tracking, transaction approval procedures
Line level qty / price breakdown
Shoot RFQ(s) from customer quote
Link Quote / Order lines to multiple RFQs / POs (bi-directional & one-to-many relationships)
Email / Fax / EDI quotes & sales orders
Total quote / order management in a single screen
On-line quote / sales order expediting & history
Selective quote to sales order conversion
Drill down / up / across to all supporting / resulting data – complete transaction trail view
Full process and documentation support of ISO 9000 and other QA systems
Unlimited customer Bill-To / Ship-To / Pay-To addresses
Complete salesperson commission management
Consolidate multiple orders into single invoice
Transactions / valuations in multiple currencies
Accommodates local tax regulations
Multi-Language Documents – Quotation / Sales Order / Pick Ticket / Packing Slip / COC / Invoice / RMA
Numerous user-defined print options – unlimited line / document messages
Sales warranty management
Comprehensive marketing & sales analysis and reporting
E-Commerce and Web enabled

Vendor RFQ – Purchasing
Complete procurement management, RFQ through receiving and claims
Comprehensive vendor profile, including vendor performance tracking
Shoot RFQ(s) from customer inquiry
Industry leading part sourcing algorithm with massive RFQ broadcast
On-line OEM and parts catalogues
Line level quantity / price breakdown
Reserve RFQ / Purchase Order lines for Quote / Sales Order
Cross consolidation (one to many) on RFQs and Purchase Orders
Email / Fax/ EDI RFQs and Purchase Orders
On-line RFQ / Purchase Order expediting & history
Selective RFQ to PO conversion
Drill down / up / across to all supporting / resulting data
Full transaction cycle audit history, including change tracking and transaction approval procedures
Full process and documentation support of ISO 9000 and other QA systems
Unlimited Pay-to, Ship-to addresses
Transactions / valuations in multiple currencies
Accommodates local tax regulations
Multi-language documents – quote / purchase order / receiver / inspection report / claim
Numerous user-defined print options – unlimited line / document messages
Parts warranty tracking
Comprehensive procurement analysis and reporting

Shipping and Invoicing
Pick tickets
Packing slips
COC (Certificate Of Conformance)
Real-time inventory updates
Multiple order consolidation to one invoice
Allow pick & ship automatically (SpeedShip™)
Built-in shipping & inspection forms
Invoicing integrated with AP
Multi-location picking per one ship line
Extensive traceability options
Back-track operation to source

RMA’s and Claims
Rejection management
Shipping & receiving non-conforming parts
Track rejections
Issue debit memo / credit memo tied to rejection
Ability to record reason and responsibility
Multiple types of rejections

System Administration
User setup
System tables
User-defined fields and definitions
User rights management
Labels and user-defined fields
Company setup parameters
System Tables – drop-down lists

Electronic Catalogue
Ability to list manufacturer catalog pricing
List price list
List excess inventory
List vendor capability lists
Extensive tie-ins throughout the system
Multi search capabilities
Extensive import options

Virtual Warehouse Manager
Create unlimited warehouses
Run reports and filtering against specific warehouses
May be used for tear-down management
Useful in Lot and Consignment Management
Virtual warehouse could be a plane, truck or section to be tracked in the physical warehouse
Useful in QA Quarantine management

Warehouse Transfers
Transfer parts between warehouses
Track parts between remote locations (in transit)
Keep traceability intact
Unlimited transfers between warehouses

Tools and Equipment Manager
Identify parts as tools
Track tools through the warehouse
Assign tools to jobs via Work Order

Contact Manager
Track phone calls to Customers & Vendors
Create To-Do lists
Assign categories to calls for quick filtering
Useful in tracking hot items, time-critical items
Transaction based call tracking system

Instant Messaging System
Allows users to instantly message other system users

Personal Rolodex
User personal Rolodex
Search, add and maintain names and other personal contact information

E-mail Local Server
Interface with local e-mail
Send each document in Pentagon via email
Ability to send in PDF format or Tiff format
High quality forms

Inter-Office E-Mail
E-mail within Pentagon to system users
Reply Option
Attachment Option
Mail Alerts

Bar-Coded Documents
All documents are Bar-Coded
Each document number has the equivalent Bar-code

Electronic Forms
All forms may be sent via e-mail
Forms may be sent via Fax
Forms may be viewed before sending

QA and ISO Ready
Support for ISO Procedures
Support for FAA procedures
Extensive support for QC Procedures and best practices
Helps companies achieve ISO certification with great ease