PENTAGON2000 Software, Inc.


Accounting and Financials Training Agenda


This training day will be dedicated to Accounting and Financials.

We will cover the accounting module and its integration to the materials management.


Modules to be covered during the day:


1)    Accounting Setup

a)    Setup Fiscal Year and defaults

b)    Setup bank accounts


2)    Chart of Accounts and Tables Setup

a)    Create Chart of Accounts – Single hierarchy or multi level

b)    Create default Account Tables

c)    “Periodical Inventory” vs. “Perpetual Inventory”


3)    Financial reports setup

a)    Build financials groups

b)    Build financials statements


4)    Accounts Receivable

a)    Create various cash receipts / wires / credit card receipts

b)    Managing customer credits and refunds

c)    Recurring sales invoices

d)    Statements and aging reports


5)    Accounts Payable

a)    Create manual checks / wires / credit card payments

b)    Create automatic checks

c)    Managing vendor debits

d)    Recurring invoices

e)    Payable aging reports


6)    General Ledger

a)    Journal entries

b)    Recurring journal entries

c)    Posting transactions to the general ledger

d)    Bank reconciliation

e)    End of year closing procedures


7)    Financials Reports

a)    Accounts receivable reports

b)    Accounts payable reports

c)    General ledger reports

d)    Financial reports


Following is the training day’s schedule.


Please note that the schedule includes sufficient instructor led, hands-on practice sessions:




09:00  10:00: Accounting and Financials Overview in the Pentagon 2000 Software


10:00  11:00: Accounts Receivable


11:00  12:00: Accounts Payable


12:00  13:00: Lunch Break (will be provided)


13:00  01:00: General Ledger


01:00  02:30: Hands on practice on individual workstations


02:30  04:00: Financial Reports and Advance Features


04:00  05:00: Wrap up session, Questions and answers