In keeping with today's Internet-rich environment, we provide Pentagon users with the most convenient work tools.
Connectivity - Using the Cloud
Using the Cloud
By using third-party data centers accessible from the Internet (the Cloud), we enable you to run all Pentagon 2000 software without having to use your own servers. There are numerous advantages.

Via the Cloud you use fully updated software at a fraction of the cost of on-premise software. Your existing staff or new people have instant access to the system from any device and browser, in any country.

Furthermore, you enjoy system availability of over 99%, incorporating the highest level of data security and full back-up services.
Connectivity - Using Mobiles
Using Mobiles
Pentagon 2000 SQL provides a wide variety of mobile applications for tablets and phone-sized devices. Specialization within the apps covers materials management, work order processing and flight operations.

The system architecture has been engineered to be mobile-friendly and Internet-efficient. It scales up easily from small work-groups to enterprise-class data center operations, with a low cost of ownership for all.

Our automation initiatives include advanced server-side tools that provide management and automatic processing within the Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server environment.

We offer a web eCommerce portal for those customers and vendors seeking to connect with customers and vendors via web portal.
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